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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  October 28, 2017 1:37am-2:07am PDT

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these guys have been up to, she finally does open it. >> it's yours. >> oh. >> it's actually dad's girlfriend, not only has she been a loving girlfriend to steve but also a positive and loving influence to the three boys, so they all came together to propose to teresa in this way. when she opens the box it's a ring inside and that's when dad comes out from the hallway and gets down on one knee and listen to what he says. it's so sweet. >> we really love you. we want to know if you will marry us. >> come on! its see lovely and beautiful, they're crying, too. she says yes. >> well done, lads. >> i guess i'll keep ya.
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welcome back to webinet wednesday. >> this guy again? what's he done now? >> well he's done again one of the most crazy tricks you can think of. ryan williams is one of the best action sports athletes out there. if you've ever been to one of the nitrocircus shows brian makes it look easy but he takes you back to clips from 2014, when he first started doing the body burial front scooter lift. exactly, you're going to learn a lot today. >> the hardest thing about that trick alone is trying to keep the scooter the right distance away from you, and then obviously trying to get the front flip happening as quick as possible. >> oh, cool. >> ryan shows us some old clips practicing this trick. ryan is literally flinging himself off of these ramps time after time after time, and just crashing down on this landing ramp. >> might i recommend next time
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knee and elbow pads? >> yeah because we're talking about practice here. >> what ryan is trying to do is to flip this scooter, as he turns his body around, grab the handle bars and land on the deck. >> it was scary. you don't see the scooter. you're blind, hoping the bars didn't go off my clacker or something like that. >> time after time after time he's trying t getting closer and closer. after all of these fails, here's ryan's win. gets up to the right amount of speed, lets go, launches, tosses the scooter, spins around and stomps it. can you dig this stuff in go see one of the nitrocircus tours when they come through your town. i don't think you'll be disappointed. >> ahh! don't do this, okay? >> okay. >> come on, bro. >> holy, no!
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oh! >> oh, no. >> we're done. we're done. we're done. >> yes, yes, you are done. >> he's holding a drink? na nah-unh, man. >> i don't know whose idea this was but i'm guessing the dude with his head on the wood there. >> did he lose a bet? >> he was asking for it. >> either that are he drew the short straw. he must really trust his friend. >> holy -- no, no, no, no. >> would would he do if the axe hit him in the face? >> die is probably the first thing he'd do. peter chick is just amazing. >> wow. oh so i'm assuming he's a goalkeeper. >> oli, you guessed it. this is how he perfects his craft. this dude in his train something the real de training is the real deal. >> you hear the guy behind the camera? he's calling out the color so he has to touch the appropriate color every time he hears it while concentrate on blocking the ping-pong balls. >> trying to hone the cat-like
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reflex. >> cool, man. >> amazing. it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> to enter you need friday's buzzword, be at least 21 years old and a legal resident of the united states or canada. >> the are the rt buzzword coming up in a bit. >> stand by for the "rtm" ipad mini giveaway. #spookedover this is alicia marie. today what comes back to net flick, oli? >> "stranger things." >> she's about to show us a stranger thing you can make if you have a little bit of artistic talent. that is the demo gorgon, starts with foil and tape because she's got to make the petals. there she tapes them off to make them firm and then you get lots of latex and you just start molding it into what you want it to be. then she starts applying the teeth and when she puts them all
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there she puts putty in where her nose, eyes and mouth will be and more latex. >> you feel like you need to be trained in the hollywood special effects wizard to make this one happen. >> there are a lot of steps but she walks you through it and uses a little body paint and art paint and a little blood, just extra to make it look more authentic. >> i'm really trying to pay attention and follow along, but my brain is turned out. >> she's going to wear that as a mask? >> she is, after she gets the head together she lets it sit for a couple days and she starts applying the body paint and she starts putting the head on. she puts on more latex and makes that a smooth transition. she had a little bit of help finishing off the smoothing process because every demo gorgon needs an assistant. there are lots of extra steps. if you want to see it step by step go to our web identity, click on tv show or check out our mobile app. >> instead of being a demo gorgon now you can wear it.
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a teenage boy is -- >> being bullied by a much bigger boy at this boarding school. >> i went to boarding school for five years and i went through this. >> that is not right. >> what happened, when police got word of this. plus, puns on a whole nother level. >> they're doing a bunch of country and western themed puns. >> your first word is fiddle. i'd jump on this ball but i don't know fiddle go well. >> so good! thanks to pampers easy ups while they see their first underwear you see an easy way to potty train pampers easy ups our first and only training underwear with an all around stretchy waistband and pampers superior protection so you'll see fewer leaks and they'll see their first underwear pampers easy ups, an easy way to underwear pampers it's those familiar scents
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that bring the spirit and joy of the holidays to life. this season, bring that same spirit and joy into your home with air wick seasonal scents. when i have an asthma attack... i feel like a fish with no water. learn how to prevent your child's next asthma attack. because even one attack is one too many.
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closed captioning provided by -- minimizing cream. 81% saw improvement in the appearance of sun-damaged skin. gold bond. october is national bullying prevention month, and i want to show you why the topic is so important. parents expect their kids to be safe when they're sent off to school or camp, right? >> right. >> yes. >> well look at this video from a boarding school in russia. this is so incredibly heartbreaking. i had a hard time watching the whole thing. i had to stop it. that is a 13-year-old boy being bullied by a much bigger boy at this boarding school. there are three other boys in the room, and make no mistake, they're going to take their turn with this boy as well. >> oh. >> as he's laying there on the bed in the fetal position, you see that the boys just start
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ramming on him, jumping on him, beating him. he's crying and screaming. >> i went to boarding school for five years and i went through this. kind of just, the way it is at boarding school. you have to learn to look out for yourself and that's where i got very self-reliant but i did take my fair share of ridiculous beatings. >> that is not right. there's something severely wrong with that. the video according to reports was originally shared so that the other kids could boast about what they had done to the little 13-year-old boy. the whole thing started apparently because the 13-year-old broke or somehow damaged ear phones or ear buds that belonged to one of the other kids, and that's when this rampage began. >> did the parents see this? what was their reaction? >> well the thing is the video did get out, and it is so hard to watch, authorities did get involved. they are investigating. the school is investigating, but it sounds like they did apologize and hopefully they're able to make some serious changes, because it's not right
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that kids have to experience any of this and whether it's here within our borders or across the world, no one should be doing this, and when you see this, make sure it's not happening in your own community. as you my long suffering friends are well aware, i like to work on my pundamentals here at work. nothing for entertaining than a well timed pun. i like to think of myself as puny and i watched this video and this say whole other league. this is from john and dan youtube channel in london ontario at the bull and barrel and doing a bunch of country and western themed puns. >> i jump on this budle but i don't know fiddle go well. >> that smart, that honest? >> the speed as well with which they come up with. >> shanishania. >> i hurt my shania.
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shania done one, too? >> so good! >> give us one. let's see. bu bull. >> bull. i am now in trouble because i can't think of one. >> otherwise you woofuld have bn imkahle capable. >> riding this is unbarrelbull. >> does it get better, it does. we can get to the full-on olympic level of punning. >> line dancing. dan doesn't think he's a good dancer, you're line dancing. >> it's like a muscle the more you exercise it the stronger it gets and these guys do video after video of themed puns so no surprise they are -- >> spur, what spurson doing? get out! make sure he grabs his spurs.
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>> ha, ha! it's a portable fireplace. >> i give you brief case fireplace. >> i love it. because i don't have a fire place and that's what i would love. >> but there's more to it than just heat. >> it's legit. plus time to test your luck, the buzzword for your shot to win an ipad mini is next. onions! tomatoes! don't forget the cheese! let's go, ladies! those shells aren't going to lift themselves! whoa! i feel like a new taco! anything goes in old el paso. gointoilet paper! run, need anything? hair spray! (bark) snickers! bite-sized. i'm on it. get new, lower prices on thousands of items. target run & done. mom i dropped my ball. got it. ewwww oh eat it!
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v-necks on!. goldond neck and chest cream. 97% had firmer-looking skin at two weeks. love it. gold bond. when people hear winter is coming they make preparations. some people chop wood, more still will try to get as much steel and dragon glass as humanly glass but before do you that, allow colin to make a brief case for his briefcase. >> doesn't matter where you are apart from security at the airport, i give you the briefcase fireplace. >> oh, i love it, because i don't have a fireplace and that's what i would love. >> that's the thing. it's the portable fireplace so you can have the fireplace
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experience wherever you want to enjoy. it's simple. >> tucks inside a tiny little briefcase, turn the gas on like this. you got a fireplace in a briefcase! >> that's a real fire. >> it's legit. >> this is for everybody, it's efficient. it's attractive. it could be in the office. or you could be somewhere else. >> but there's more to it than heat. >> what else do you need? a cup of tea. >> it's even got its own thermos so you can have a cup of tea as well. what goes great with a cup of in. >> cookies? >> we call them busineiscuits. >> your biscuits. ♪ i've got a biscuit as well >> the tea bag, you got a cookie holder right there. little hook, a piece of bread, you can hang up, make it warm
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and make yourself some toast. >> or a smore. >> this was an idea from a user's comment and if it's weird or if uny enough, he will then go and build it. >> pretty nice fireplace. ooh! >> no one here to save us. >> get used to it. go ahead. >> this video shows a ghost that is floating around our kitchen! >> oh wait, it's jessica! >> i'm just floating around because we're making frightening floats today. >> and this idea was inspired by nourish simply. you take some manage yo sorbet. >> i want to put in some v8 mana mango peach. >> i love this.
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>> i'll put in sparkling peach juice beverage blend. >> there's no mixing you need to do. grab your straw and enjoy. my goodness. >> yeah that's good. i'm going to take these over to the ghost so they can try it. >> wait, what? >> oh, yeah, yeah, over to the host. i'm going to take these to the host because they're not ghosts at all. >> jessica horde! >> hey! i love this part of the show. it was a sparkling beverage of the non-alcoholic kind? >> it was. this is sort of something you can make even in a big punch bowl, a kid's halloween party perfect for that. >> this is good. >> this is super yummy. how can you make these scarier? >> put eyeballs in ice cubes. it's already a really good cool for halloween and doesn't have a lot of dye or anything. it was from the juice i put in there. >> maybe could you use like strawberry sorbet to make it look like brains. and blood.
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>> that's why we can't take you nowhere because you don't know how to act. she's trying to talk and i can talk over that, that's going to run out. >> geez, that was delicious. i love mango flavored stuff and that was so good. >> go over to our web side and click on tv show or go to our mobile app for the step by step instruction. it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> enter you need the buzzword, be 21 years old and a legal resident of the united states or canada. >> head over to and click on win ipad. >> enter the buzzword on facebook, twitter or both, you can use each every day. >> friday's buzzword is costume. >> get over to, click the win ipad button and enter the buzzword costume. good luck, everybody. a spa dedicated to kids only. >> my knee jerk reaction is no, they're kids. but the marketing and pr person
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in me goes cha-ching-ching! >> see w
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guinness world record titles. we missed out when we were kids. missed out on all the pampering kids these days are getting. >> it is a great way to relax. >> with spas dedicated to kids only between the ages of 3 and 16, you can come to this spa that caters only to you. >> the marketing and pr person in me goes cha-ching-ching! >> well that's exactly where the idea came from. in fact, rachel powell, the owner, says that it was her daughter that gave her the idea, because she wanted to celebrate a birthday just like this, and the little girl said, well, you're a professional. you know how to do this stuff. why don't you open your own kids only spa, and mom was like,
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cha-chi cha-ching, charity. >> if i could give one tip, more pink. not quite enough. >> shouldn't kids have to work up to something like this and achieve instead of it being handed to you when you're 5? >> that's exactly how you can use it as well. do your chores, do your homework, get good grades and at the end of the month we'll go to the spa. >> kids are already going with their mom, now they have a dedicated place that's just for them. >> let me give you the other side of the coin as a parent, two free hours. >> everybody wins it sounds like. >> i'd like to see one that offers services for little boys as well so it's not just creating the mindframe that only girls want this stuff, too, because little boys i'm sure would love a pedicure. >> lord knows they need them when they become grown men. >> sounds like this is already a thing in the u.s., all the rage apparently in dubai. this happens to be in the uk. so there you go. thanks for watching. don't forget to enter your buzzword at and check out more fun videos while you're there or
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